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A more democratic Ohio

The true strength of any great democracy is how well its citizens are involved. That's why our right to vote is so important. But we also must ensure that the everyone's vote is heard and the people we elect are accountable.

  • Automatic voter registration

    When an Ohioan turns 18, they should automatically be allowed to vote without being required to register beforehand. Registrations should never expire, and your voting records should be updated alongside your driving records, unless you specifically requested otherwise.

  • Citizens Redistrict Committee

    Ohio should follow the footsteps of California and leave the drawing of legislative and congressional districts up to the voters. Ohio's current laws require the Ohio General Assembly draw the maps and the Governor approve them. This will prevent elected officials from being able to choose their constituents.

    You can read more about how serious gerrymandering is in Ohio at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch. Fair Districts Ohio.

    You can find out more about California's Citizen's Redistricting Commission on their website.

  • Greater accountability in voting systems

    As a voting citizen and as a professional software developer, I have serious concerns with Ohio's electronic voting systems.

Bottom-up Economics
  • Minimum Wage Formula

    The minimum wage in Ohio needs to take into account the things that people on minimum wage have to pay for. It should be based on the average prices of certain items in the county of your residence. It would be automatically recalculated every year for averages from the previous year.

    • Rent
    • Electric
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Telephone
    • Auto insurance

  • New Youth minimum wage

    If the Minimum Wage Formula was passed and successfully implemented it would result in higher wagers than Ohio's current minimum wage of $8.10. This creates a problem for those in our workforce who are still under the age of 18 and living at home.

  • Equal pay for women

    An employee should not be able to be paid less than another employee in the same job on account of sex. This is just basic discrimination.

  • Removal of separate minimum wage for disabled persons

    An employee should also not be able to be paid less than another employee in the same job on account of a disability. If you penalize someone with a disability, by paying them less, you're setting them up for failure while at the same time saying that their work is worth less.

A brighter future for Ohio

I'll fight for policies that promote strong public education

  • Alternative funding method for public schools

    DeRolph v. State of Ohio proved that Ohio's property-tax based system for funding it's public schools denied an equal education to children. In the years since, little effort has been done to resolve the issue once and for all.

  • Offer programming and computer science courses to high school students
  • Cheaper tuition of higher education schools
  • Less focus on standardized testing
  • Charter school accountability and reform
  • College textbook affordability

A smarter and more secure Ohio
  • Give State Agencies flexibility over their IT infrastructure

    In an effort to save money on resources, current state policies require all agencies to use the State Cloud owned and operated by the Department of Administrative Services. Unfortunately, at the Department of Public Safety where I work, this has actually increased costs and prevented us from making effective decisions for the past several years.

Everything else
  • Basic civil rights for LGBT community
    • Employment protections
    • Housing protections
  • End capital punishment and for profit private prisons

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