Learn about me and why I'm fighting for a better way


My name is Justin Adkins and if you live in House district 24 then I'm running to be your next representative in the Ohio General Assembly.

Born and raised in Ohio, I've lived most of that life in Columbus. I began Clinton Elementary in the first grade and then eventually Ridgeview Middle School. While at Ridgeview, I served on Student Council and was elected president by my eighth-grade class and spoke at graduation. Outside of school I volunteered with the Worthington Lion's Club. I fondly remember looking forward to attending meetings and serving pancakes and sausage at the monthly breakfasts at American Legion Post 239.

My freshman year I attended the Charles School before moving to Somerset, OH after the school year. While in Somerset, I attended Sheridan High School which stood quite literally in the middle of a corn field. During my junior year, I also was on the newspaper and yearbook staffs. I was voted to serve as Editor-in-Chief for both publications during my senior year. After graduating in 2013, I moved back to Columbus to attend DeVry University. Currently, I live with my younger sister in northern Clintonville within the beautiful Sharon Township. She is an honor roll student at Whetstone High School.

Since 2013 I've worked at the Ohio Department of Public Safety, first as a college intern, then as a full-time software developer. I'm a member of the Franklin County Young Democrats and serve on Sharon Township's Technology Committee.

I believe my youth can bring fresh ideas to our State's problems while also being able to back them up with hard work and dedication. If elected, I'd give a voice in the General Assembly to the nearly one million Ohio citizens who are under the age of 23. Working day-in and day-out to combat serious issues affecting my generation, such as rising college tuition and textbook prices, increased campus sexual assault, low wages, and inheriting an environment crisis.

I'd like to bring a software developers perspective, with the idea of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!", to the challenges we are facing today. That means taking working solutions from other States in our Union and implementing them in Ohio. Threats to our democracy such as gerrymandering can be fixed by implementing citizen drawn legislation and district maps like in California.

However, I also think we need to solve fundamental inequalities in our economy and wage laws. We need bold new ideas such as my proposed minimum wage formula. I'm a huge advocate for policies that make government more responsible, accountable, and answerable to its citizens. I'd fight to make sure Ohio took a strong stand against money in politics and have the General Assembly propose an amendment to the United States Constitution in similar wording to the state of Washington's We the People initiative.

I wanted to start campaigning as early as I could so that I was able to meet as many of my fellow constituents as possible. I want to take the time to get know to you and discover how your government can serve you more accurately. Together, we'll fight for a better way that includes common sense solutions to our problems and protect the integrity of our democracy for future generations.

I look forward to meeting you,
Justin Adkins

Why I'm running
  • I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the world
  • Tired of our government serving the will of special interests rather than the will of the People
  • To protect and promote our Constitutional right to vote
  • For real solutions to the problems facing Ohio
My promises to you
  • Total honesty in an age of misinformation
  • To ensure all decisions are in the best interest of the district and not for political purposes
  • To fight for the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution and the ones not yet guaranteed